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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Search For Peace by @Consciousskillz

As chaotic a world as we live in it is difficult at best to find moments and times to reflect on not just the things that are important, but the care necessary to attain and maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. Ironically, it's become a learned behavior that seeking the greatest amount of pleasure and dare I say fulfillment comes from sources that are external in nature. It's a behavior that almost negates the enate human ability to find a source within self that allows one to not only stay calm in the midst of complete pandemonium. In fact the behavior suggests that within the pandemonium is the only place to find peace. Peace, that word, that term has so many different conontations and meanings that it's hard to find one that is universally accepted. Let's face it we're different for so many reasons and there's nothing wrong with that. For some, the only definition that makes sense is peace is the opposite of war. For others it's a place sort of like utopia, where everything is right with the world always. For others, it's that place that is a sacred meeting place between them and God as they understand God to be. So see, depending on the individual peace can be mental, physical, spiritual or all three.


"For me, the journey often starts with the my coming up against my most familiar adversary...myself. I have been and sometimes continue to be the biggest culprit in regards to my attempt to abide in that place I know that if I sit long enough and be quiet long enough, that whatever I am confronting the answer will be made known if I can still myself.Is it an easy venture, this journey towards peace within? No. Have there been times it's been easy, absolutely. The thing about the journey is there is more than one way to acheive this goal and what works for one, may be different for another. However in my opinion that's the beauty of the journey because it becomes unique to whoever is brave enough to beat back the learned detrimental behaviors, block out the voices of the naysayers and find to courage to use what gifts and abilities you have been given, because that in and of itself is truly enough.

The thing about peace is it's not a permanent state of being. Yes, life is wild and out of control at times and yes twenty four hours at times seems to be a very short time in which to accomplish all that is needed. So the question I always ask myself is am I seeking peace from the storm or am I seeking a way find peace in the midst of it?


  1. I always thought peace was sitting still and having silence, but seeking peace isn't peace from the outside world or the storm. It's the peace you find within yourself and who you are. Chaos can happen all around you (arguing, war) , but you can still be at peace within yourself to not judge or react to all the chaos. Great post!

    1. I echo Victoria's sentiments exactly.