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Monday, July 15, 2013

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

Well, it's seems like here we are as a community addressing another injustice in regards to one of our children. One of the most disturbing comments I've heard was "The Black community is only up in arms because the alleged perpetrator is not of African heritage" Or "Why don't you get upset when you kill one another?" I can understand that and see some relevance, but I was appalled when Susan Smith drowned her children. I was mortified with the Casey Anthony case. It seems to me that the minute a person from the black community expresses concern for one of their own there's a problem. I think the bigger problem is explaining to someone else or justifying the right to be do so. Why shouldn't we show love, have concern for each other? There are so many things that separate us first as human beings, then as a community that all ready make things difficult.

It's easy to go back to the case of Yusuf Hawkins or even Emmett Till before that as proof that the value of the life of a black man still has little or no value within the society it is a part of. However, in the more recent past we've seen Ayianna Jones and Oscar Grant lives fall to the wayside of injustice because of the outcomes of their cases. And now to add insult to injury, the not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. It's kind of hard sitting here at my computer and type these words and not give in the anger, the hurt and disappoint I feel for the system, for the family and the young man. Today on the news all you hear is "Justice was Served". Was it? I mean we live in the country that tells you to trust the system, believe in the system, but time and time again the system proves to be untrustworthy and unbelievably unfair, jaded and one sided. No matter the feelings, emotions attached to this case, the outcome there are two truths, two facts that are absolutely undeniable. A young man is dead, and his killer has been set free.

While the media debates about the inconsistencies, lack of evidence, handling of the case a family must not only deal with the fact that there son is gone, but he now seems to be without any justice, without any reason for his demise. It doesn't matter that a man's overzealousness in regards to the so called position he had has caused a family anguish and pain that is indescribable. It always seemed to me that throughout the proceedings that Trayvon was the one on trial and not the other way around and that in and of itself was ludicrous.

So what went wrong? Or did it go as so many of us had a feeling it would go? As far as what went wrong, the prosecutions case seemed to fall apart the longer the case went on. Or maybe the jury of peers that was selected didn't have the ability to understand the information given or maybe it really didn't matter because they were sympathetic to the defendant. Or was it another case of the "just us" system totally disregarding the life of yet another young black man? I looked at the black community and society as a whole and I am of the opinion that if a community doesn't value itself, then neither will the society that they are members of. People will say that race and racism is no longer an issue, especially when we have an "African American" as the President. However I disagree and I could spend all day supplying facts and statistics, but it's not necessary. The history of this country and cases of this magnitude speak for itself. When it is all said and done, a young man lost his life at the hands of another individual who said that his life was in danger and he therefore became justified for the actions he took. Even if the verdict was different that young man will never grow and have the chance to grow and potentially become something great and that to me is the biggest tragedy of all. Peace

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