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Cerebral Copulation (Mind Sex)

Now that you’re here I was hoping we could have a conversation that brings about mental stimulation and spiritual elation even though the sound of your voice is like a prayerful invocation of desire wanting me to quench your thirst and put out that fire.

As the words from your mouth flow freely like the water in the Nile, I’m mesmerized by your smile, hangin’ on to your every word all the while wondering about the taste of your nectar filled center and how many licks it would take before you let me enter that place seldom visited by any man.

See, it’s more than the shape of your lips and the curve of your hips. There’s just something about the way you say my name that penetrates my brain and makes it hard for me to keep my composure around you. At times I wish from these feelings I could refrain, but my mission is to maintain so I can reach those unchartered places in your mental domain.

Yeah, I’m trying to get all up in there, shooting lust filled lasers in your atmosphere; Breaking down your defenses with a determined stare as the shields around your mind quickly disappear. Got you feeling like Deborah Cox wondering how the hell did I get here?

And now that I’ve got your attention should I just hit you with my most superb lyrical gift using words that are interchangeable and swift? Or would you just see me as another player and instead of revealing yourself you’ll do like in winter, cover up and add another layer.

The more we communicate I sit and contemplate because there’s no doubt it’s your body I want to penetrate but right now I’m having too much fun as we mentally formulate those things in the physical that will for now just have to wait. So I guess we’ll just have to be satisfied with the way we mentally copulate, besides aint nothing wrong with a little mind sex ma, aint nothin’ wrong with a little mind sex.

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