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Monday, January 15, 2018

The Return

Wow, its hard to believe that it has been so long since have even been on my blog. Life has happened in so many different areas and for the life of me I just don't know where the time went. If I'm to be honest I am truly disappointed in my self for allowing the distractions to pile up to the point that not only did stop writing or blogging I stopped doing anything creative. Not gonna beat myself about it but it is time to get back on the horse. You know the saying if don't live your dream, your purpose then someone will use you to help manifest theirs. This latest post is a long time coming and I pray that it will be as insightful, informative and interesting as the post in the past. So family here I come, Aqiyl's Forum is back but don't call it a comeback because I have been here for years.

Fake News and Alternative Facts

Its ironic that we live in a society that clamors for truth, craves honesty and when it is shared our dispensed its frowned upon. Dismissed with a minimum of concern and in most cases even ignored. Ah but lies, now that seems to be something that is more palatable or easily to digest and for the most part we seem more willing to accept it as truth. So what is it about the truth that is so upsetting to people? What is it about the truth or being honest that people would rather deal with falsehood as oppose to the real thing? You hear it all the time, "fake is the new real" or how so-called reality shows are so popular in pop culture, the only about them is very little is reality based. For those who are not so inclined to think for themselves or are used to being to how and what to think, then this is perfect for them. Why? Because alternative facts will be something that will always fit you mental and emotional composition. It will always provide a platform and and a way of thinking that will enable one to hold onto misguided rhetoric and hateful doctrine. Here's the thing, in the movie A Few Good Men, I truly think Jack Nicholson's iconic line spoke volumes then and more so now.Alternative facts and fake news has given people the excuse they needed to hold onto and believe in the things or ideals that they have held onto to despite the evidence the says this in not working. I think the brother Frantz Fanon said it best:

Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are
presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new
evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is
extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it
is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize,
ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.”

So tell me what do you think


Smooth Grove of the Day - Moonchild "Nobody"

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reflection of The Day- Dreams Deferred and Potential

It's not like this subject has not been banded about for the last few decades in regards to the Black man. Every city, every neighborhood has stories of a young black man with promise, poised to make his mark in the world and suddenly by fate or chance something happnes to derail him/her and all we are left with is the memories that the stories produced. Now, all too often we like to blame others for what happens in these situations but not me. Today I'm talking about the fact that so often it is us not participating in our own survival, so then we become complicit in our own demise.

We can talk about pharmaceutical death that dispensed on the corners, we can talk about alcoholism, domestic abuse, child abuse, AIDS and other the other maladies that plague our community. Police brutality, black men losing the lives for little or nothing, We can talk about so many of the negatives that we live with, but for some reason we never want to address the fact that there are things we have done as a people in the past and what we're doing now that are directly proportionate to what is going on today. Today, dreams and potential are often deferred because our parents had theirs deferred and didn't feel it necessary to impart certain information that would be necessary for the kids to have a dream, work towards a dream and then manifest the dream. Some of our parents did the best with what they had, but what happened to the mentors and all the other elders in the village?

Bottom line is we are in trouble. Despair and depression over run our communities and that makes it seem like there is no hope, but there are still diamonds in the rough in the hood. There are miracles being produce daily. Yes things are rougher than ever, but it is not impossible, but it starts with the parents, leaders and elders. We can't give up on ourselves and we can't give up on each other, after all we're all we got.

Lyrical Lasers - From God's To Niggas


I reminisce about basking in the suns radiant rays on the Golden coast of African shores; me the original Asiatic black man, proud African, ascendant of the Moors. God’s we had dominion over everything as far as the eye could see and everything I saw was beautiful because it was a reflection of me.

Philosophy, the arts and science were born into existence through our divine lineage, while we built Kingdoms and nations other only dared to dream about or fantasize. They say they came to teach us, but how can you teach the already civilized and all wise? So they came with a plan that brought division, then destruction to our tribes as they made plans to divide up Africa and colonialize.

Like magic we were here one minute and then poof, gone the next. From being draped in the finest silks and linens, chillin on riverboat barges as they floated down the Nile, to being dropped on floating grave yards of purgatory, that dropped us off like garbage on the shores of this imperial hell. Forced to build this country on the small of our backs to the sound of whip cracks, while at home our way of life, our civilization fell.

Of our former selves today we are only a shell as our streets and intersections are filled with black on black insurrections boiling over from a pot of self hate making for a very sour confection. What’s worse, our tribal connections are quickly dying from a cancerous infection called ignorance

Street corner pharmacist chemically dispense genocidal death from block to block, door to door. Young girls lose their innocence from hearing it so much, now they think their names are bitch and hoe. Back then and even today they call us savages and we seem to play that part. Forgetting who we are, where we come from, our spiritual foundation and the knowledge that God and us are synonymous, never apart.

However it seems to me by the way we act they might be right, go figure. Nowadays the word God seems to be just a three letter word, maybe that’s why we can’t help but act like niggas, my how the might have fallen.

Conscious Elements
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Hip Hop Joint Of The Day -Heads Up, Eyes Open- Talib Kweli feat Rick Ross & Yummy

Friday, January 12, 2018

Mind Spray Of The Day- Justice, the Invisible Boogeyman

Justice..... What is Justice? Do it mean the same to everyone? Is it a myth, a socially accepted fabricated principle based upon an astrological scale that never seems to balance itself out? Justice for all intents and purposes is the exacted measurement of righting a wrong and bringing some sort of satisfaction to and for the principles involved in a conflict, whether it be legal or otherwise. According to Wikipedia Justice is defined as the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics.

Alright, so let's delve into this a little deeper. "The concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationalilty, law, natural, fairness or equity along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics. Right off the bat the first thing that stands out for me is having the words law and fairness in the same sentence because it comes off as the ultimate oxymoron. Now, the average person may think that I'm being a bit melodramatic in my surmation, but thank Allah that I'm not the average person. See I'm speaking from a platform of a man who still has a very sour taste in his mouth after serving a 10 1/2 year sentence in the penal system

However this is not my story, well not entirely. When I was a young kid I can remember seeing pictures of Emmet Till in his casket and could not for the life of me understand how his mother allowed her son to be viewed like that. I've grown and changed my stance on that issue. But let's get back to justice. History has shown that individuals who didn't appear to have a voice or any "so called" rights always cried out for Justice to be served whenever their, not civil, or human, but inalienable rights were infringed upon. For centuries those same cries have echoed and resonated throughtout galaxies and universe throughout the Solar system unanswered because those who are impoverished, disenfranchised, and have darker hue skins containing mass amounts of melanin are still looking for this ghost to appear.

It has become a practice to provide protection upon things and or people that have value and if there is some type of infraction then those who violate will penalized to the fullest exent of the law. For a lot of us justice is the not the entity that "prides itself on moral rightness." No justice is the dark cloak reaper who moves across the face of the earth with a hood and a face that has never been seen to bring more and more pain, misery and suffering to anyone that crosses it's path. Was justice served when Michael Stewart was killed in a NYC transit station for tagging or spray painting graffiti on the wall. Was Amadou Diallo given justice when he was gunned down for reaching for a wallet to show ID he was asked to produce. If justice is the scale that  moralilty, law, natural law, and fairness is placed upon then explain to me why is it so evasive and why won't it show it's face to us?

The holders and makers of the law are quick to tell us just how right and fair this system is but the "Standard Business Procedures" that these laws are encased in speak to the contrary. Now, I'm not going to bore you with loads of statistics and cases to coroborate my position. No, I'm speaking strictly from a moral principal that has us living in a country that has a constitution and a set of laws that were written for a select group of people and we wonder we protection isn't given. Why the phrase "fair trial" is like going to a vegetarian restaurant and asking for a hamburger. It's ludicrous.

And today is no exception. Most of us know about the Oscar Grant trial and were outrage by the outcome of the sentencing, however when you look at from the reverse angle you will see that according the morals and ethics of those who wield the power justice was served. Now can add so many other names to this equation, like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown just to name a few. These young also lost their lives and within the "justice" system, justice was not given because at the end of the day a live was extinguished and no one was held accountable
See when you stand in front of a person or people who doesn't see you or value you as a human being then it makes it easy to discard you and your existence. The police officer is valuable to those in power because they would rather slap one of their "overseerers" on the writst for doing what they told him to do in the first place, then to give justice to the family of the man he is charged with seeing over.

Yes, I'm talking about slavery, but from a different perspective, however the way punishment is metted out hasn't changed much. So, if you're expecting justice to become courageous and show his face to you, forget it. However rest assure that if it is deemed that you have fallen outside of his "moral rightness" then his face will no longer be an issue, but his wrath, well that's a whole other story. In the end the sad part in all of this is we keep getting shown that all we have is JUST US and we still won't come together. Damn